2019 invitation

        2019 invitation
The 18th China International Exposition of Housing Industry& Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization 
Time: November 7-9, 2019   Venue: China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)

     Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China
       Science and Technology and Industrialization Development Center (Residential Industrialization Promotion               Center ) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development 
      China Real Estate Association
      China Architectural Culture Center
      China Architecture Society   
      China Engineering Construction Standardization Association 
      China Civil Engineering Society China Building Decoration Association
      China Building Metal Structure Association 
      China Survey and Design Association
      China Construction Industry Association
      China Construction News
      China Property Management Association
      China Elevator Association
 Dear Sir /Madame:
        The 18th China International Exposition of Housing Industry& Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization (abbreviation: China Housing Expo) will be held from November 7th to 9th, 2019 at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing.
       China Housing Expo is a large-scale international exhibition event approved by the Ministry of Commerce and supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Focusing on international, scientific and forward-looking, introducing the latest assembled building technology and components at home and abroad, focusing on displaying integrated technology, promoting green environmental protection concepts, guiding the continuous improvement of housing quality and performance, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's construction sector sustainable development. After years of efforts, China Housing Expo has become the platform for tech exchanges and enterprises to exploit new markets, which is recognized as the most influential assembly building exhibition.
        We sincerely invite your company to exhibit and visit this expo.
                                                                                              China Housing Expo 
1  Exhibition 
●the theme exhibition-----China home of tomorrow 2019 
“China Home of Tomorrow” is guided by experts in the industry. It is designed by companies with advanced technology and products at home and abroad. It is built on the exhibition site, conforms to the development trend of the building, leads the development of the industry, and is highly forward-looking and innovative. Building model room.
" China home of tomorrow 2019" will showcase the model house and structural system of the industrialization industry's entire industrial chain.
 1. China home of tomorrow 2019 - Structural System Residential Model House:
     Precast concrete structure\steel structure\wood structure\mobile house\overall house;
2. 2019 China Tomorrow House - Technology System Residential Model House:
    Planning and design of residential \BIM technology applications \ interior industrialization \ assembly            decoration \ low energy wisdom \ new energy technology applications;
3. 2019 China's tomorrow's home - a model house for functional housing advocated by the state:
    Passive housing\guaranteed housing\township construction housing\suitable aging housing;
●Assembled building demonstration area (provinces and cities)
Focusing on the key achievements in promoting the region, actively promoting the region, and encouraging the provinces and cities in the promotion area to promote the assembly-building and the construction of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly housing in the province, especially in the prefabricated demonstration provinces and cities, should widely promote the assembly. The practice and experience of demonstration cities and provinces, carry out the activities of the prefabricated building economy and technology policy, strengthen the exchange of experience and promotion of various provinces and cities, and play a leading role in demonstration.
It showes the comprehensive achievements of the provinces and cities in the modernization of the national housing industry:  Beijing, Shenzhen, Shenyang, and Jiangsu.
●Assembled building industry base 
Leading enterprises in the field of prefabricated building design, construction, parts production, equipment manufacturing, and technology research and development, researching the assembly technology system, construction methods, promotion models, and jointly exploring and promoting the development of the standardized and generalized parts system. Summarize achievements and experiences, implement industry policies, and demonstrate the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.
The last session of the Association displayed more than 20 companies that were awarded the “Assembled Building Industrialization Base” by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development; Construction Technology Group/Tianjin Housing Group/Nantong Sanjian/Changsha Yuanda/Sany Building/Hangxiao Steel Structure/Zhongjian Technology /Hebei Xindi / Seiko Steel Structure / Yu Hui and so on.
●Assembled building--precast concrete structure
In order to showcase new technologies, new products and engineering examples of fabricated concrete structures, and to publicize the latest achievements in the development of fabricated concrete structures in China, special special exhibition areas include: prefabricated concrete components and building decoration accessories; prefabricated structural joints, embedded Parts and accessories; connection technology; sand, stone, water, cement, steel, admixtures; design and other related ancillary products.
●Assembled building--steel structure
In order to actively promote steel structure construction, this year's China Housing Expo set up a steel structure display area, including: heavy steel structure, light steel structure, grid film structure and other steel structure systems; steel structure construction and welding technology; steel structure fire protection , anti-corrosion, waterproof and other materials and technologies;and other types of construction steel; steel structure design and other related products.
●Assembled building--wood structure
In order to promote the development of wood structure and related sectors, this exhibition will feature special wood structure exhibition areas, including: various environmentally friendly wooden buildings, bamboo structure buildings, wood structural materials, wood structure production and processing equipment, wood protection agents, wood plastics. Landscape profiles, wood structure design consulting and related industry products.
●Assembled building  - machinery and equipment
Concentrate on the mechanical equipment needed for prefabricated buildings, improve the mechanization level of prefabricated buildings, special special exhibition areas, production equipment for prefabricated components; prestressed lacing equipment; forming tools; prefabricated component support systems; building formwork, scaffolding and installation systems Construction elevators, aerial work vehicles, modern transport vehicles and equipment for display and publicity.
●Assembled building – interior-décor  industrialization
Assembly and decoration can realize the standardization and integration of decoration, improve the quality of decoration and reduce secondary pollution, which is the only way for the development of decoration industry. The assembly and decoration special exhibition area includes: the whole bathroom, the whole kitchen, the whole storage cabinet, the filling and separation system, the overhead floor, the same floor drainage, household electrical appliances, sanitary ware, supporting equipment, decoration materials and products, suitable aging design, etc. Integrated technology and components related to decoration.
● Passive low energy buildings
 In order to further demonstrate and promote the construction of low-energy buildings, the Expo will set up a passive low-energy building exhibition area to carry out the construction materials and materials and parts used in passive low-energy building demonstration projects. Focus on display and recommendation.
●Intelligent system
Deep design of prefabricated components, BIM technology research and development, architectural planning, design, construction, production, supervision, property management; and construction industry information and intelligent construction.
●architectural design
The latest concept of architectural design, innovation achievements, classic cases
●Real estate development
   Real estate development enterprises,real estate project display; new technology, new products, new concept display;various structural system applications, fine decoration integration and BIM informationization
●International residential technology and products
Focus on the latest technology and innovative products in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries; the latest international building products and equipment; architectural planning, engineering consulting agency design projects.
●Building industrialization supporting parts - green building materials technology and products
In order to further improve the quality of building industrialization, this year's Housing Expo will set up a special exhibition area for building industrialization supporting parts. The green building materials parts with energy saving, environmental protection and convenient construction will be safe and durable according to the spirit of the Green Building Action Plan (Guo Ban Fa [2013] No. 1). It will also connected with the industrialized structural system. At the meantime a series of supporting activities will be organized.
Green building materials department system: energy-saving doors and windows, curtain wall shading system, architectural coatings, wallpapers, wall tiles, floor tiles, floors, stairs, ceilings, all kinds of hardware accessories.
Peripheral protection system: wall insulation material, exterior wall decoration board, roofing waterproof material, roof insulation material, heat insulation coating, fireproof material, aerated concrete block, ceramsite concrete block, integrated ceiling, roof and three-dimensional greening Materials, etc.
Solar building integration system: solar heating system; solar photovoltaic system; solar exterior wall and roof components, accessories; solar water heaters and application products; renewable energy products.The latest international building products and equipment; architectural planning, engineering consulting agency design projects.
New energy equipment system: central fresh air ventilation system, air purification system, central air conditioning, central vacuum system, constant temperature and humidity system, ground source/water source/air source heat pump system, HVAC equipment and products, pipe fittings; water treatment Technical equipment, air conditioning cleaning inspection and maintenance, indoor air testing, etc.
2 Conference and activities
1. Conference 
* Opening Ceremony of The 18th China International Exposition of Housing Industry& Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization
*2019 Green City and Green Building Development Forum
*Assembled building assembly and decoration exchange meeting
*The 18th National Assembly Building Exchange Conference
*Assembled building demonstration city, tomorrow home enterprise and industrialized building standardization product exchange meeting
*The 8th Assembly-Building Industry Technology Innovation Alliance Working Conference and Assembly Building Technology and Product Exchange Conference
* Ultra-low energy green building seminar and Xiong'an New Area Applicable Technology Exchange Conference
*Sustainable Urban Development Seminar
*High-quality green residential upgrading new technology seminar
* The 4th Urban and Rural Aging Development Exchange Conference and China Building Science Conference on the Elderly and Living Environment Construction Forum
*Green Park Technology Exchange
*The 4th National Building Energy Saving and Thermal Insulation Protection and Restoration Technology Exchange Conference
*Green building materials technology exchange meeting
*Special towns, beautiful village exchanges and green assembly farmhouse conferences under the background of rural revitalization
* China's underground space comprehensive utilization technology and financial innovation exchange meeting
*Comfortable and suitable residential area new technology and new product promotion meeting
* Real estate enterprise green development experience exchange meeting
*BIM technology application and building information exchange meeting
*2019 4th Assembly Decoration Technology System and Green Hardcover Development Exchange Conference
*2019 prefabricated building green building materials supply and demand matchmaking meeting
*The 5th China BIM Technology Exchange Conference and Excellent BIM Case Works Exhibition in 2019
2. On-site special events
* Theme Forum - China Tomorrow's Home Exchange
* Passive room technical knowledge lecture
* On-site interactive exchange activities of China Housing Expo in 2019
* 2019 China Housing Expo live scene experience event
* On-site booth special events (self-activity)
3 Exhibition fee
Standard booth (3m×4m)       Raw space(minimum 54 m²)
International area 4560 USD/booth               350 USD / m² 

 1. Standard booth (minimum 12 m² for rent) includes the following facilities: three-sided (or two-sided) display panels, one negotiation table, two chairs, spotlight, 220V/5A power socket, carpet in the booth, and  fascia board Text (company name) production.
 2, indoor raw space (minimum 54 m²for rent) if you need carpets, spotlights, power supply and negotiation tables and chairs, etc., can be rented separately. Self-built booth construction and construction management fees shall be paid directly by the exhibitors to the exhibition hall according to the standards of the exhibition hall. Detailed specifications for self-built booths can be found in the Exhibitor Manual.

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